About Us

Evelene, Remi & Ray

The story of North Perth Angus starts in the mid 1980’s when my father, Ray Weber, decided that bred commercial cows fit into the budget better than stocker calves.  Up until this point, our operation consisted of backgrounding and finishing cattle,. It was soon to make a major change that would lay the foundation of what North Perth Angus is today.  The original commercial herd consisted of a mixed red, tan and white British and Exotic crossbred cows of varying size and quality.  In the early days, the learning curve was steep  –  pulling big calves, getting calves to suck on poor udders, and dehorning were a few struggles that have been etched in my mind forever.  But things were about to change forever when we added 6 Black Angus cows to our herd.  After a couple of years we noticed our struggle with calving, getting calves to suck and dehorning weren’t there with these 6 new Angus cows.   Soon we added more Angus cows and got rid of the cows that were causing us grief and costing us money.  By the late 1990’s our commercial herd was almost entirely made up of Angus and Angus cross cows.

In 1999, we made the decision to disperse the commercial herd and focus on breeding purebred Black Angus cattle exclusively.  The goal of the program from day 1 was to breed cows that excell in the functional and convenience traits that led us down the Black Angus path in our commercial herd in the 1980’s.  Since then, we have been fine tuning our herd to bring better cattle to our customers year after year, while never losing sight of what makes a good cow for the cowman (commercial or purebred).  Cows need to have a live calf every year, breed back early, and stay in good flesh while weaning a calf that is better than her and weighs more than half of her body weight.  This philosophy has served us well. North Perth females are working hard for our purebred customers and North Perth bulls are adding more pounds to calf crops for our commercial customers.

We welcome you to come visit us at the farm any time throughout the year.

Tina, Spencer, Ian & Alyssa